WORLDMIX is the proverbial "box of chocolates". A Musical Salad seasoned with pinches of all the Earth's songs; quality music without commitment to a single genre. In this site, you will hear everything, from Tuva to Algeria, as well as Blues,Jazz, Reggae, and even those hot, sultry beats from "Latin Bodegas" in the Bronx. You will hear sounds from New Orleans, and even Arabic music heard inside Manhattan's infamous yellow cabs and hotdog stands. You will experience House Music played in the chicest New York nightspots like Tao, AuBar, and Baltazar to tantalizing electronic beats of the day from Berlin, London, and Paris, and the eccentric rhythms of Africa and the Mediterranean, add a pinch of Brazilian Music and you'll have a taste of delicious flavors and texture. Song after song will bring delectable surprises and discoveries made available in an ever more globalized World.

Complete Playlist is available upon request.
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